Strike A Pose! Get The Perfect Wedding Photos With These 10 Posing Tips

Whether the thought of taking photos on your wedding day sounds exciting and memorable or downright frightening, you should know how to pose. After all, you won’t get another chance to take photos of your big day after it’s over! Here are 10 flattering posing tips for the perfect wedding photos to help you get it right.

Put Your Hand On Your Hip

While this may seem like a cliché way to pose for a photo, it is frequently used for a reason! This common photo pose is known as a three-quarter angle stance. It is a great way to make a woman look attractive and slim. To do this pose, extend your leg out to the front and pivot slightly while placing your hand on your hip. However, try to make the post look natural and not forced for the best results.

Figure Out Your Best Side

Everyone has a side that they like better when it comes to taking photos. If you want to get your best wedding shots, take some selfies in advance and ask your friends to help you figure out which ones look best. You should practice posing by tilting your face to the right and also to the left. Once you discover which side looks best, make sure that you take the majority of your wedding photos on your best side.

Select The Right Angle

Even if you trust your wedding photographer to get it right, you should have a good idea of the best angles that are most flattering to your solo and couple photos. This is especially important if your spouse is significantly taller or shorter than you are. You don’t want to end up with photos that make you look like an odd couple! If you are short, you may want to also avoid taking photos near tall objects or people. If you are tall, do the opposite. By taking solo photos or photos at eye level you can avoid making the height differences the focal point of your photo.

Figure Out The Lighting

If your goal is to set the ambiance for your wedding, you need to figure out the lighting in advance. Make sure that the lighting won’t make it difficult for the photographer to get good shots of your wedding. Discuss any potential issues with your wedding photographer in advance, just in case extra equipment is required. You should also decide which lighting elements work best to minimize your imperfections. Soft lighting, away from direct sunlight, is generally recommended for wedding photos.

Use Contouring

Contouring is one of the latest beauty trends and for good reason! If your face doesn’t necessarily have a pronounced bone structure, you can benefit from using contouring to make your face more defined when you take straight-on shots.

Practice Smiling

After a long day of running around, it is unlikely that you will feel well-rested once your wedding begins. As a result, you may not be able to smile as naturally as you normally do. If you want to take great photos, you need to practice smiling naturally. Don’t open your mouth to smile widely. Instead, open your mouth only slightly and think about something that makes you feel happy. Try to relax your face as much as possible.

Try Using Your Eyes To Smile

This technique was originally popularized by Tyra Banks and is known as ‘smizing.’ To do this you should squint your eyes and look up slightly. Even if you aren’t actually smiling, this look can make you seem happier and more relaxed in your photos.

Use Your Legs

Even if your legs are completely hidden by your wedding gown, don’t forget to pay attention to them when you pose. You can slightly bend one knee or cross your ankles to make your legs seem longer and your hips narrower. This will help to make you look less stiff in your photos.

Don’t Slouch

If you are not accustomed to standing up straight because you suffer from back problems or poor posture, you’ll need to work on this before your wedding day. Standing up straight will make you look more confident and energetic in your photos. In addition, it will lessen the height differences between you and your spouse as you pose for your wedding photos.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Although your wedding photos may seem like a chore, don’t forget to have fun. The whole purpose of taking wedding photos is to show how much fun it was to be at your wedding! You want your wedding photos to capture the essence of your big day so by relaxing you can ensure that your wedding photos don’t look unnatural. If you feel nervous, just take a moment to relax with your spouse and then come back for the shots. You can also try having a glass of champagne first, but make sure not to overdo it!

If you are concerned about getting your wedding photos just right, these 10 tips should help you to take better photos. The key is to practice in advance so that you will have an idea of what will look best. You should also make sure that there is ample time to take photos so that everything isn’t rushed.

Keep in mind that even models have to practice their poses before photo shoots. So, if you are concerned that you won’t get it right, don’t worry because your wedding photos will look great!

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