10 Tips & Secrets to Write Amazing Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows 101

Just like love, writing your own wedding vows can be both simple and difficult. After all, you know this person right! It should be easy to say what you adore about him or her, but how do you formulate such complex emotions into words?

Here are 10 Methods and Tricks to help you write amazing vows…

1. Mix The Old With The New

If writing all your vows just seems overwhelming, think about adding a few lines to the traditional. Look at the traditional vows used and decide what you love and how you can add to them to make the perfect vows for you and your love.

2. Ask Someone For Help

If you have family and friends that have spent time with you as a couple, ask them what strikes them about your relationship. What did they think when they first saw you together, what makes the two of you so fantastic as a couple? They may have insights you have not thought about or just remind you of something you can include.

3. Borrow

There are many beautiful vow examples, poems, and song lyrics online, in books and in magazines that you could borrow from and adjust to come up with your own, new beautiful creation.

4. Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Ask yourself questions about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Write down your answers and combine them. What is something you find really cute or charming about your partner? How do you feel when around him or her?

5. Add in Your Promises

What is it that you want to give your partner in your marriage? What do you want your marriage to look like? Do you promise to always laugh at each other’s jokes, be a personal heater, or kill all the spiders?

6. Add in Your Activities & Future Visioning

Are you looking forward to traveling across Europe together or snuggling on the couch with a bowl of popcorn? Include things you love to do together.

7. Alternate

When writing vows, you want to keep the format in mind. If neither of you wants to write a longer speech, why not switch back and forth. One partner says something he or she loves about the other then you switch. Write your vows accordingly in shorter pieces.

8. Share

If you are not worried about your partner hearing the vows before the wedding, you can compare your two to get a different perspective. This could help you expand or edit your vows and remind you of something else you want to say.

9. Remember & Connect

Think of the truly special times in your relationship both big and small. How did you feel? What stands out in your mind? Take the time to relive those moments while you work on your vows and you will likely be flooded with ideas and emotion.

10. Just Begin

If you are feeling uneasy about writing your vows, worried that they will not be perfect or you won’t know what to say, get started. The flow will never come if you don’t just do it.

So, after all these tips, if you are still having trouble, you can always try Mad Libs :).
Wishing you happy vow writing, a beautifully memorable wedding, and a long-lasting marriage…

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