6 Simple Ways To Add Your Personality To Your Wedding

From your cake topper to your wedding favors, adding personality to your wedding is easier than you think.

Your wedding should not be a carbon copy of every other wedding you’ve been to. It should be super personal and showcase precisely who you and your fiance are. So why not add a bit of your personality? It’s easier than you think.


It all starts with your wedding invitations as it is the first impression and sets the tone for your entire wedding. Give your guests something they’ll be excited to put on their fridge. Whether you go with something quirky and fun like a boarding pass for a jet setting couple or an ocean themed invite for a beach-loving couple, your invitation can be anything you want it to be. Alternatively, you can have a custom monogram made which you can add to your invitations and wax seal.

Add Your Personality To Your Wedding


The highlight of any wedding ceremony is the vows (and signing the certificate obviously). And there’s no better way to highlight your love story and add your personality to your wedding than to write your own vows. Add some humor, a few heartwarming moments and a powerful promise at the end. If your partner (and their family) speaks another language learn to say “I love you” or “I do” and surprise them with this personal touch.

Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors can be anything you want it to be and are the perfect place to add your personality to your wedding. Give your guests a piece of your character with a box of donuts or a bag of delicious coffee (perfect for the morning-after hangover), a succulent if you love gardening, or some of your favorite sweets, cookies or wine.

Add Your Personality To Your Wedding

Cake Topper

Gone are the days of a stiff bride and groom sitting on top a wedding cake arm in arm. Today you can get personalized wedding cake toppers that are elegant or even quirky. From romantic ‘Happily Ever After’ toppers to ‘Shit Just Got Real’ toppers there is definitely something out there for everyone.

Add Your Personality To Your Wedding

Signature Drinks

If you think of yourself as an expert cocktail maker, then consider making a few signature drinks for your wedding reception. Take the time to perfect a few signature drinks (include something non-alcoholic too) with your finance and give them some fun names like ‘Berry Happy Together,’ ‘Just Rosemarried’ or ‘Something Blue’ – your guests will love it! You can serve it in unique glasses like mason jars.

Add Your Personality To Your Wedding

Wedding Playlist

Dance the night away with all your favorite songs. Create the playlist of your dreams and watch your guests enjoy it. From Michael Jackson and Queen to NSYNC and Blink 182, you can add it all. If you prefer not winging it and getting a DJ instead, you can still create a playlist of your favorite tunes to be played during dinner. You’ll have guests bobbing their heads and singing along.

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