Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

Send off the bride-to-be in the most unforgettable way with these awesome bachelorette party ideas.

As a bridesmaid, your most important job is throwing the bride-to-be a bachelorette party. It is the one thing the bride does not need to worry – she has an entire wedding to take care of. To make it a magical experience for her and all her guests, here are ideas that will surely give the future Mrs an incredible send-off into married life.

“Sex and the City” Theme

Who doesn’t love “Sex and the City”? Whether you’re a Carrie or Samantha, encourage all the guests to channel their favorite “Sex and the City” character and celebrate the bride in high heel and with a cosmo in hand. Decorate your home or a hotel room with themed items like napkins, glasses, and plates. Spend the night out on the town, or make full use of the hotel room and stay in for a “Sex and the City” marathon or play the “Sex And The City” Trivia Game.

Barbie Theme

Pretty and pink is the name of the game if the bride loves Barbie. Decorate with pink feather boas, Barbie plates, napkins, and cups, and encourage everyone to dress up as Barbie – no matter what profession she is in. Add a photo booth with props to the venue to add an extra level of awesome to the party.


Not everyone loves roughing it in the wild, so why not try glamping. This glamorous form of camping is the perfect way to bring all the bride’s closest friends together for an exciting night sleeping under the stars. You can play naughty or nice games and enjoy drinks and s’mores around the campfire. Supply everyone with cozy onesies and bug spray to make their glamping experience an unforgettable one. If you’re on a budget, set up a glamping experience in your backyard with tents. air mattresses and sleeping bags.

Bachelorette Slumber Party

Stay up all night with all the bride’s girlfriends eating junk food, sharing gossip and playing some fun slumber party games like Cards Against Humanity and Twister. Decorate your living room or a hotel room with Fatboys, fluffy blankets and a photo booth with fun props. Add a cute gift bag filled with comfy pajamas, slippers and sleep masks.

Pool Party

There is nothing more fun than a pool party so why not throw for the bride and her besties. Gather up your cute flamingo, unicorn and donut pool floats, outdoor loungers and sunscreen for the perfect pool party! To make it extra special, get everyone in attendance matching swimsuits and slides – which will not only look super cute but is perfect for Instagram pics.

Spa Day

Sometimes the best thing to do before the craziness of a wedding is to have a relaxing spa day, so why not do this for the bachelorette party. Massages, manicures and a glass of champagne is all the bridal party needs to unwind. If you’re on a budget, you can recreate this awesome idea at home with beauty masks, foot scrubs and bring in a manicurist to do everyone’s nails. Alternatively, you could mix up a few DIY face masks with things in your kitchen.

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