4 Unexpected Bridesmaid Duties That Every Bride Needs

Bridesmaids duties are not limited to just walking down the aisle.

From going dress shopping to attending wedding-related events, there are plenty of unspoken duties that bridesmaids have to do. But there are a few bridesmaid duties that may get overlooked. Things often get forgotten in all the planning and preparation that the bride will probably need you for. So here’s a little breakdown of a few things you should do that will genuinely make the bride’s life a lot easier.

Be A Sounding Board

With all the stress and anxiety the bride-to-be is going through, it is essential that you be a really, really good friend to here. If you weren’t a trusted friend of the bride-to-be, she wouldn’t have asked you to be a bridesmaid. Now is the time to let your best friend qualities shine especially your listening skills. With the groom either preoccupied with his own or avoiding wedding-related tasks and topics, the bride-to-be will most probably need someone to bounce ideas off, vent and bitch to. The bridal party needs to be that sounding board so make sure you are always ready with a bottle of wine and a listening ear. It is one of the most important bridesmaid duties.

For The Bride: Remember that your bridal party is not your therapists, but your friends. So make sure you check in with your bridesmaids.

Unexpected Wedding-Related Tasks

Not all bridesmaid duties are choosing a dress and shoes, but sometimes you’ll need to do some more tedious tasks. Some of these more unexpected tasks include the following:
Picking ups and drop offs of wedding related things while the bride is preoccupied – invitations, flower girl dress, all of the bride’s attire, the wedding cake, flowers, decor, and gift bags.
Accompany the bride-to-be to fittings, shopping, and tastings.
Be an extra pair of hands for pre-wedding events, and complying invitations, gift bags and decor.

For The Bride: Remember that your bridesmaids are not your personal assistant so be kind to them and make sure you’re still a friend.

Keep The Bride Calm

As a bridesmaid, you need to try to keep the bride as cool as a cucumber once the wedding day arrives. It’s not uncommon for brides to get emotionally overwhelmed. It’s your job to deal with a few things that may stress her out. From dealing with vendors (wedding coordinator, photographer, floral designer, etc.) to answering guests questions, the more you can deal with the big day, the better for the bride.

For The Bride: Allow your bridesmaids to take charge of your wedding day. Yes, it’s your special day, but don’t sweat the small stuff that other people can deal with.

Always Have Snacks

From the bachelorette party to the wedding day, always have snacks for the bride. It’s your job to ensure that the bride eats, drinks and breathes throughout pre-wedding events and especially on the big day. Ensure you have some fruit and nut bars, trail mix, pretzels, cookies, and plenty of water. Avoid sugary drinks, foods that stain and greasy food. Remember that it is your job to keep the bride fed and hydrated as she might be caught up in the wedding events and forget to eat.

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