7 Budget Catering Ideas For Your Wedding

With these seven budget catering ideas, you’ll fill your guests' bellies with delicious food on your wedding day.

There’s nothing worse than horrible food at a wedding, but not everyone has the budget to pull off a flawless three-course meal. From canapés to desserts, one of the most significant expenses of your wedding is catering. But feeding your guests does not have to break the bank! With these seven budget catering ideas, you’ll fill your guests’ bellies with delicious food on your wedding day.

Have A Grazing Table

budget catering ideas

While you’re off taking some incredible wedding photographs, keep your occupied with some live music and a grazing table. Replace serving your fancy canapés and allow guest to help themselves at the grazing table. Filled with a variety of cheeses, crackers, fresh fruit and cured meats which can all be store bought and arranged beautifully.

Enjoy Some Chips & Salsa

budget catering ideas

If a grazing table is out of your budget, an alternative is a salsa and chips bar. It’s something that you or your family can prepare at home and serve at your wedding. Add plenty of homemade salsa, guacamole, and your favorite chips. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

Get Your Guest Talking With Sharing Platters

budget catering ideas

Opt for sharing platters to replace a buffet or sit-down menu which can often be more expensive. Not only will it save you money serving meals family style, but it will also allow your friends and family to interact. There’s nothing better than your loved ones sitting around tables, talking and enjoying your wedding. This is one of the budget catering ideas seems so expensive!

Barbecue Time

budget catering ideas

If you love a good barbecue, why not have one for your wedding? Get the idea of a backyard barbecue with paper plates and plastic cups out of your mind, and make it classy. Treat your guests to pulled pork, juicy chicken and delicious ribs served with light but tasty salads. Plus you can make kebabs for the kids. It is guaranteed please your guests appetites and this style of food will be easy on your wallet.

Serve Spanish Paella

budget catering ideas

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience serving Spanish Paella is an excellent option. Plus caters will prepare an authentic paella right in front of your guests which is quite a spectacle. The aromas will get everyone’s mouth watering, and it will be fresh, yummy and inexpensive.

Tuck Into Burgers & Fries

budget catering ideas

Weddings are often known to serve fancy food, so why not give your guests something they know like burgers and fries. With so many options, you can set up various food stations where guests can DIY burgers. Don’t forget to add some vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and some condiments.

Get A Ice Cream Truck For Dessert

budget catering ideas

Everyone loves ice cream so why not serve your guests this as a delicious dessert. Ask your local ice cream truck to pull up at your wedding and serve your guests their favorite icy treat. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, and is one of the budget catering ideas that will have your guests talking for months.

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