5 Ways To Customize Wedivite Digital Wedding Invitations

We might be biased, but we love our Wedivite digital wedding invitations. From the text to the URL, here are five ways to customize your invite.

We might be biased, but we love our Wedivite digital wedding invitations. Once you’ve signed up and added all of your wedding day details, you are ready to make our digital wedding invitations your own! Once you’ve created your profile, head to the dashboard, scroll down, and click ‘Edit Invitation.’ From the color scheme to adding your own photos, here are five ways to customize your invite.

Add Features

We’ve made sure that you can add a few features to your wedding invitation which can be turned on or off according to your preferences. These include the following free features:

  • Allow guests to add a plus one
  • Enable Paypal Gift Registry
  • Guest Book
  • Song Suggestion
  • Wedding Album
  • Get Directions
  • Amazon Gift Registry
  • 3rd Party Registries
  • Password protect your invitation – Although we never make your invitation URL public, you can also set a password to protect access.

Additional features include the following at an added cost:

  • Add sound to your invitation ($2.99) – Use any video from YouTube as background music for your wedding invitation. You can even set it to autoplay if you want.
  • Register a .com for your Wedivite invitation ($26.99) – Don’t like the extended “invite.wedivite.com/…” URL? We hear you! Add an additional .com domain right now.

Cover Photo

You can add one or more custom photos to your digital wedding invitation. We give you the option of adding a cover photo as well as a banner photo. These photos can be of anything you like, but we suggest some beautiful pictures of the happy couple.

Invitation Colors

Color can make all the difference when it comes to wedding invitation so we’ve made sure that you can choose your own. From the background color or the menu text color, you’ll have full access to customize every color on your invite. We also offer you various color schemes that have worked well in the past. Remember that your invitation should introduce your wedding day color scheme.

Text On Each Page

Add your own personalized wording as well as the font to every page on your digital invite. These pages include suggested copy and include the following:

  • RSVP page – “We are so glad that you are coming!”
  • Directions page – “Please drive safely.”
  • Suggest A Song page – “We can’t wait to hear what you suggest!”
  • Send A Gift page – “You can send us a wedding gift using the Paypal donation option.”
  • Guestbook page – “We would love if you could greet us here.”
  • Wedding Album page – “Help us capture the moments our photographer may miss!”

Change Your URL

We offer you two option when it comes to your wedding URL. The first is a free option which starts with “invite.wedivite.com/” followed by your personalized section, which can be your names or anything else you choose to call your website. The second option is a paid for option where we’ll register your very own .com for you. This option comes at an additional cost of $26.99 but gets rid of the “invite.wedivite.com/.”

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