Do NOT Forget These 5 Essential Wedding Details On Your Big Day

Whether big or small, here is a list of essential wedding details that you might have forgotten about.

Planning a wedding can be a lot. With a to-do list miles long, there might be a few essential things you’re forgetting. Whether big or small, here are a list of wedding details that you might have forgotten about.

Get The Perfect Items To Wear Underneath Your Wedding Attire

Whether you’re the bride or groom, your dress or suit  – and the accessories that go with it – is essential on your big day. But don’t forget about what you wear underneath your wedding attire. Don’t wait till your wedding day to try and find the right bra for your dress. Or for the groom the right undies that don’t have holes in it. Buy the proper undergarments before your final fittings. This will help you make sure everything fits perfectly.

Pack A Getting Ready Outfits

There’s nothing less attractive than showing up hours before your wedding in sweatpants and a t-shirt – that goes for both the bride and groom! It is most likely that your wedding photographer will be there to snap a few ‘getting ready’ photographs, so you need to look your best. For the bride, get matching outfits for you and your girls like cute floral robes. And for the groom, opt something simple like a gray tracksuit set. For both parties ensure that everyone is comfortable and that whatever they are wearing does not mess up their hair and/or makeup.

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Decorate The Cake Table

It’s pointless having your five-tiered red velvet cake with royal piping designs sitting on a bare table, right? So make sure your cake table is not overlooked when it comes to decor. Remember that this table is one of the centerpieces of your day and loads of photographs will be taken here. And don’t forget about the knife and the server – you don’t want to be cutting your cake with a massive clever from the kitchen. The knife and server is also a beautiful keepsake and can even be passed down to your kids one day.

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Get The Flower Girls Accessories

The easy part is picking adorable dresses for your flower girls, but don’t forget the accessories that go along with it. Adorn their little heads with flower crowns and feel with cute shoes. And don’t forget the baskets that you’ll fill up with rose petals that they will use when they walk down the aisle.

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Bring An Emergency Kit

From your zipper getting stuck to spilling red wine on your dress, plenty can go wrong at your wedding, so you better be prepared. Check out our Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit for everything you need to put into your kit. Hand the kit over to your mom or one of your bridesmaids to keep while you get married!

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