8 Extremely Simple Ways To Elevate Your Wedding Decor

It's as simple as adding a few items here and there.

Whether you’re on a budget or don’t have a budget at all, these easy ways to elevate your wedding decor.

Add Touches Of Gold

wedding decor

From the cutlery to the candleholders, add a few touches of gold to your table setting. Gold adds a beautiful deep tone to the table and looks great under candlelight. You can add touches of gold to your table setting through the following items:

Candle Holders

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Set The Mood With Candles

Speaking candlelight, make sure you add a few to your wedding venue. Candles make for a very romantic mood and beautiful lighting. Make sure to add various sized candles a few to the tables (including the cake and gift table), and complement it with some uplighting and luxe fabrics. Purchase candles at various sizes here:

3 x 6 Inch Candles
Tea Light Candles
10 Inch Long Candles

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Embrace Wood

If you can opt for wooden tables and chairs (rather than plastic ones) and instead of covering it up with white linen. Having the exposed wood will add a fantastic look to your wedding reception venue.

Add Unique Place Cards

No matter what the theme of your wedding decor, ensure that it extends to your place cards too. Keep it beautiful with stunning calligraphy and fun with a quirky cardholder. Here are a few that you can purchase:

Gold Border Place Cards
Floral Place Cards
Wooden Card Holders
Crystal Card Holders

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Colored Glassware

Whether pink champagne glasses or blue water glasses, add some colored glassware to the table. The bright glasses will add an instant pop of color to the table setting. Here are a few to choose from:

Indigo Glass Goblets
Pink Champagne Flutes
Green Vintage Pressed Glass Tumbler
Gold Dinner Glasses

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Bold Table Runners

Save some money but dumping the big floral centerpieces and replacing it with smaller vases that span the length of a bright, patterned runner. Choose from a few of these that you can purchase:

Black & White Striped Runner
Burgundy Lace Runner
Gold Geometric Runner
Glitzy Runner

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Hang Paper Lanterns

Even though it is not a new trend, hanging multiple paper lanterns are always a beautiful touch. Whether white or multicolored, think of adding more than 50, so it really catches the eye.

White Lanterns
Gold Lanterns
Rose Gold Lanterns

Click on any of the above items to purchase it.

Add More Greenery

Save on flowers and opt for more greenery. From dusty miller and ferns to eucalyptus and lemon leaf, greenery with a few blooms in-between to add some color will look amazing.

For more decor elevating ideas, read our blog posts, ‘DIY Wedding Decor: Turn Your Wedding From Drab To Fab’ and ‘3 Easy-To-Do DIY Wedding Themes For All Budgets’.

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