Beware Of Hidden Wedding Costs!

From overtime and service fees to wedding dress alterations and band equipment, we breakdown a few hidden wedding costs that you might not be aware of!

From overtime fees to wedding dress alterations, there are plenty of hidden wedding costs that most brides and grooms are not aware of. To prepare you for what hidden wedding costs are to come, here are a few things to beware of.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most exciting (and expensive) time of wedding preparation. But what most brides don’t know that purchasing a wedding dress and having it altered are two different things that come at two different prices. Whether it is the length of the dress that needs to be made shorter or the straps need to be made longer, everything that needs to be altered comes at a price.

Most boutiques that sell or hire wedding dresses offer an altering service that can cost anywhere from $100 to over $1000 depending on what needs to be changed. To avoid this, ask about what needs to be altered and how much it will cost when trying on a dress. You can then factor that into your final cost of the dress that you end up choosing.

Service Fees

Don’t mistake this service as a tip for the staff working at your wedding. When it comes to weddings, service fees are what a venue charges you for services like hiring servers, bathroom assistants, parking attendants, and coat checkers. This fee also includes using vendors not associated with the venue, including bakers, caterers, and bringing in your own wine. The service fee is usually a percentage of your total food and drinks bill. When booking a venue, always ask about service fees upfront, so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

Wedding Band Equipment

You might be asking yourself, ‘What more does a band need than just their instruments?’. Well, think bigger than just band and more about sound quality. From speakers and microphones, every wedding band needs a minimum amount of equipment. And yes, you’ll probably need to pay for it. This hidden wedding cost comes with a price tag which is from a few hundred dollars to upward.

To avoid this hidden cost, before booking a band – or even DJ – send them a floor plan of the venue. This will allow the band to see what additional equipment they need to produce the best sound quality.

Overtime Fees

From photographers to caterers, almost all vendors charge overtime fees. When you book any vendor, they usually charge for a specific amount of time and anything outside of that time period is overtime. Overtime comes at an additional – often hourly – fee. Depending on the vendor, you’ll be charged $150 or more per hour.

Cleanup Costs

Ever wonder what happens at the venue after your wedding is over? Well, the venue needs to clean up for the event, and you’ll need to pay for it! If you opt for a full-service venue, you probably won’t be charged this fee. But for everyone else, it is something you should expect. Clean up fees can be anything from $250 and above. Be sure to read the fine print of your venue contract to ensure that a cleanup cost is included.

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