5 Essential Wedding Day Maid Of Honor Duties

Attention all maid of honors! Here are some essential wedding day maid of honor duties that you need to know to ensure the bride is taken care of.

For a bride, there’s nothing more emotional, stressful, and romantic (obviously) than their wedding day. So picking someone to be a maid of honor and right-hand girl for everything wedding-related is of utmost importance. Brides need to choose someone who will have your back both pre and post-wedding, but especially on their big day. To ensure all maid of honors out there knows what to do, here are some essential wedding day maid of honor duties.

Keep The Bridal Party On Time

It may be a tradition for the bride to arrive late, but this shouldn’t be because the rest of the bridal party is not on time. As the maid of honor, you need to be the queen of time management too. You must ensure both the bride and the bridal party are on track with getting their hair and makeup done and get dressed in time to walk down the aisle.

Feed The Bride

Nerves, excitement, and lack of time are usually the three of the main reasons why brides forget to eat on their wedding day. As the maid of honor, another duty that falls onto shoulders is to ensure that the bride eats. The last thing we want is for the bride to faint at the altar – we’ve all seen the YouTube videos. Whether you grab her a cup of coffee and sandwich for breakfast or have a cheese platter and mimosas on hand while getting dressed, make sure the bride (and everyone else in the bridal party) eats before the wedding. During the wedding, continuously pass her some water and trail mix to keep the wolf from the door.

Hold Her Bouquet

As beautiful as a bouquet can be, they can also get in the way. As the maid of honor, you’ll most probably be holding the bride’s bouquet more than she does. From taking photographs to greeting people after the ceremony, be sure you are always on hand to take the bouquet from her.

Play Host 

Let the bride and groom enjoy their day while you deal with the nitty-gritty. Along with the wedding coordinator, take on little tasks like the following:

  • Giving guests directions to the wedding.
  • Vendors are on time and where they need to be.
  • Guests with special dietary needs are fed.
  • The bridal party is where they suppose to be throughout the day.
  • Showing guests where to put gifts.
  • Helping guests with seating.
  • Getting people on the dance floor.

Trust us, the bride and groom will genuinely appreciate your help with all of the above.

Take Care Of Collecting Gift Table & Card Box

At the end of the wedding, keep an eye on the gift table and card box. Make sure everything gifted to the newlyweds is moved to a secure room or someone’s car for safekeeping. The last thing anyone wants is for gifts, cards, or cash to go missing, so you must take responsibility for ensuring everything is in safe hands.

Are you a bridesmaid and want to know what your duties are? Check out our blog post ‘4 Unexpected Bridesmaid Duties That Every Bride Needs‘ for everything you need to know.

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