Top 10 Easy-To-Fix Mistakes Brides Make

As a bride-to-be, you have a lot on your plate so it's no surprise that you'll make mistakes. To help here are our top 10 easy-to-fix mistakes brides make.

As a bride-to-be, you have a lot on your plate with planning, prepping and parties. So it’s no surprise that sometimes you’ll make mistakes. Whether you make these mistakes or not, they are often super easy to fix. To help get it right the first time, here are our top 10 easy-to-fix mistakes brides make.

Announcing Your Engagement Too Soon

Before you share the big news on social media, ensure that your inner circle knows about your engagement. The last thing you want is for anyone you truly care about to find out you’re engaged over Facebook.

Not Putting Yourself First

Before you start planning, ask yourself what is important to you for YOUR wedding? Create a list of priorities that is true to you and your fiancé. This will help you in setting a realistic budget and selecting the perfect venue.

Ruling Out a Wedding Planner Altogether

Wedding planners don’t need to be around for your entire wedding planning period. You can hire a planner for tough times. These times include the initial planning period to give you a basis of what to expect and the week before the wedding to help with small details and put out fires.

Not Enough Time for Hair & Makeup

Instead, over-allocate time to your hair and makeup than not have enough! Ensure that you have a day-of plan that includes two to four hours to get ready and includes hair and makeup.

Crash Dieting

Instead of drastically trying to ‘get skinny’ a few weeks before your wedding by cutting calories, instead adopt a healthy eating plan a year to six months before your big day. Remember that looking healthy is a lot sexier than being skinny.

Buying Your Wedding Dress Before Picking A Venue

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is buying a wedding dress before picking a wedding venue. Your wedding dress and venue should complement each other so it would be helpful if you know where you’ll be getting married before deciding what to wear.

Forgetting About The Bridal Party Gifts

From planning your bachelorette party to lending a helping hand for everything wedding-related, your bridal party goes above and beyond for you. So don’t forget to thank them with a special, handpicked gift.

Misjudge The Time Gap Between the Ceremony & Reception

There’s nothing worse than a long wait between your wedding ceremony and reception. If your ceremony and reception are at two different venues with a three-hour time gap, ensure that there is some form of entertainment like a cocktail hour or live music to keep guest entertained.

Forgetting To Feed Your Vendors

Your vendors need to remain energised throughout your wedding day, so don’t forget to feed them. Ensure that a meal for the wedding planner, photographer, DJ, the band, videographer and their assistants are included in your budget.

Don’t Account for Hidden Costs

Hidden costs can be a nightmare if you don’t have a budget for it! From service fees to cleanup costs, these surprise costs need to be budgeted for so that you don’t get caught off guard. Get to know all hidden wedding cost in our blog posts, ‘Beware Of Hidden Wedding Costs!

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