The Most Affordable Places To Get Married In India

You might be surprised at how far your budget can stretch by just changing the destination to one of the most affordable places to get married in India.

If you’re planning your wedding, you know that it is expensive. From the catering to the venue, it all adds up to an enormous bill at the end of the day. But there is a way that you can save money while still having your dream wedding. How you might be wondering? The answer is simply changing the city, town, or village of your wedding. Whether you’re having a grand celebration or an intimate ceremony, here are a few of the most adorable places to get married in India.


get married in india

If most of your family and friends live in Mumbai, then Alibaug might be the perfect wedding destination for you. This charming coastal town is just a two-hour drive from the city and boasts a variety of unique wedding locations. From untouched beaches on virgin islands to beautiful forts with stunning stonework, this oceanside town has it all. Perfect for a beach wedding, you can hire seaside bungalows and hotels for a fraction of the price you’d pay in Mumbai and Pune. The best time to get married in Alibaug is between November and July when the weather is perfect for a beach wedding.


get married in india

Mandu is an ancient fort city with a rich cultural history. If you’ve dreamed of having your own royal wedding then getting married in a fort but Jaipur is way out of your budget, then Mandu may be your best bet. With plenty of old world charm, the ruins of a city that was once great and affordability on your side, there is truly no better place to get married in India. It may sound weird, but the best time to get married in Manda is during winter (October to March) as summers (April to June) are too hot and July to September is monsoon season.


get married in india

An Italian wedding is out of most people’s budget, so why not tie the knot at the next best option just outside Pune, India! Yes, you’ll find a small piece of Italy in India. Lavasa is a private, planned city that has been inspired by the Italian town Portofino. With rolling hills along the lake with its waterfalls, this quaint town is an eyeful making it perfect for a wedding. Lavasa makes for stunning photographs and boasts a variety of affordable wedding venues. The best time to have your wedding Lavasa is from October to May.


get married in india

Located in the Himalayan foothills along the Ganges River, Rishikesh is not only beautiful but also a holy place. The city is known as a center for studying yoga and meditation and boast plenty of temples and ashrams. Even though still relatively new as a wedding destination, it is growing in popularity due to its sandy white beaches, and serene atmosphere. There are plenty of quaint hotels and guesthouses that are the perfect place to tie the knot. The best time to visit this destination is between late September and mid-November.

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