4 Fab Wedding Gift Bag Ideas That Your Guests Want To Take Home

Everyone loves a wedding gift bag packed with awesome freebies. So why not give your guests a bag filled with things that they will love and use.

Everyone loves a wedding gift bag packed with awesome freebies. So why not give your guests a bag filled with things that they will love and use – instead of having it sit in the trunk of their car or put in a cupboard and forgotten about. Here are four fabulous wedding gift bag ideas that your guests will actually want to take home.

Keep It Local

If you’re having a destination wedding, help your guests enjoy their downtown by guiding them to a must-see and dos in the area. Highlight your favorite restaurants, cafes, and things to do to ensure your guests have the best experience. Additionally add a few regional delicacies like a bottle of local wine or beer, sweet treats (macrons in France, beignets in New Orleans or coconut drops in Jamaica) or some local tea or coffee. After a long flight, you could also spoil your guests with a traditional massage or treatment at a local spa. There’s nothing like a Thai or Lomi Lomi massage to get everyone is a relaxing mood.

If you are planning an island destination wedding, check out our blog post ‘Awesome Guest Welcome Pack Ideas For An Island Destination Wedding’ for more gift bag ideas.

A Boozy Bag

For a booze-loving couple, give your guest something to sip on with a booze bag. Add mini wine bottles, splits of champagne, or small liquor bottles that are all locally made. Throw in a few mixers that guest can pair their drinks with. Having something to sip on will definitely ensure that everyone has a wonderful time on your big day and will help them avoid the cost of the hotel mini bar. Don’t forget to add some snacks and a few bottles of water too. Add a personal touch by personalizing the labels of all everything in the bag.

A Few Of Your Favs

Make your wedding gift bag totally yours with a few of your favorite things. Add your fav candies, a flash drive with a few songs that will remind them of your wedding and a handwritten thank you note.  You could also add your favorite card game with a deck of cards, a bottle of your favorite wine, a recipe of your fav dish to cook together or even a voucher to your favorite restaurant.

Hangover Kit

Make sure your guests don’t regret that last glass of champagne (or shot of tequila) with a wedding gift bag that takes care of the hangover the next day. For the night of your wedding add some snacks, mini donuts or a room service voucher so guest can munch on something, absorb so of the alcohol and try to avoid that hangover as much as possible. Also add plenty of bottled water, some headache tablets, heartburn tablets and some sort of vitamin-packed effervescent tablets for the next day. Another excellent touch is a pair of sunglasses and an invite to a post-wedding brunch.

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